EXCLUSIVE: Victor Cruz Chats About Love, Fatherhood & Being a Cover Star

We caught up with Latina cover star and New York Giants player Victor Cruz at the "Pampers Spirit of Play Date" event this week to talk about everything from his daughter, Kennedy, to whether he plans on putting a ring on it! Check it out below:

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?
“My girlfriend’s family and my family got together and had dinner at Beauty & Essex.It was just a good night with the family.”
What did you buy your mom?
“I bought my mother a black Louis Vuitton purse, which she very much wanted, and I put an iPad inside of it! She’s in a purse phase at the moment.”
What's the best gift she's ever given you?
“When playstations first came out every kid had a playstation but me, and [during Christmas] I was just sitting there looking at the gifts under the tree hoping one of those boxes was a playstation. Lo and behold, the first one I opened was a playstation.”
You’re a hands-on dad to daughter Kennedy. What sort of family traditions
do you want to pass down to her?

“Obviously, to celebrate thanksgiving and Christmas amongst family, and try to make it a point to spend those crucial holidays with your family. To be respectful and treat people with the same kindness they treat you with.”
What do you hope for her future?
“I hope she is the best she can be. I want her to be smart. I want her to be healthy. I want her to aspire to be the very best she can possibly be and be better than her mother and I ever could.”
Has it been difficult balancing fatherhood and your professional life?
“It has actually been pretty difficult, because there are times when you want to spend those nights with your daughter at home, but you have to go do work-related events or attend practice, things like that. I just try to cherish the little moments that I do get with her, and try to make those same moments as long as possible. When I have her for the night it’s just 'her and me' time. I try to balance it out well.”
You have gone through so much adversity and reached such a high level of
success. What does it feel like to have the stability you have now?

“It feels good. It's calming that I can just relax and live my life knowing that everything is in place,that my life is in order and that I have all my responsibilities in check. It feels good to be at this point right now.”
What was the first big purchase you made once you started making the big

“The first purchase I got myself was a vehicle. I never had a car -- I went through college without one -- so my first purchase had to be that!”
You are known for your salsa moves. What music are you into now?
“Right now, I am listening to a lot of Jay Z... pretty much anything Jay Z, at this point. I’m also listening to Hector Lavoe. I listen to a ton of Wale, and Joel Ortiz, since I have a personal relationship with him because he is Puerto Rican.”
How do you keep the romance alive with your partner?
"I just try to do little things, things she wouldn’t expect, like bringing her flowers on a Tuesday, just because. Getting her chocolate, surprising her with dinner or taking her on a surprise vacation for her birthday, which I am doing in a couple of weeks. But keeping it fresh [and] keeping each other on our toes. Doing things that are new and maintaining the spark.”
Will you be popping the question to girlfriend Elaina anytime soon?
“Most definitely, but I feel like it has to be the right timing. You have to have the right feeling, youhave to be in the right place in your life. We’re definitely working towards that.”
What is your style aesthetic?
"My style aesthetic is simple, but flashy. I have basic colors and classic pieces, with eye-catching touches that pop out. That is how I like to dress -- keeping it casual and urban as well.”
What was your reaction when you saw your Latina magazine cover for our
June/July issue?

"I was shocked! You dream to be on a cover of a magazine, and you dream for all this and to actually look at the magazine, which will be on newsstands... It is the second cover I have done, but this one was special because it reaches out directly to the Latino audience. It was all about me, which is a great feeling.”