EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Chino y Nacho on MTV Tr3s 'Rock Dinner'

On tonight’s episode of MTV Tr3s’ Rock Dinner, Venezuelan urban duo Chino y Nacho will come face-to-face with Mayra, one of their biggest fans and have a taste of a meal she labored over. The duo requested a Venezuelan-style meal. Curious to know how it turned out?

Yesterday, Nacho (or Miguel Ignacio Mendoza) spoke to Latina.com about the Rock Dinner episode, which airs tonight at 7pm/6c on Tr3s. Nacho also shared details of the craziest fan moment he and Chino have experienced. Check our interview with him – and don’t forget to watch our exclusive peek of the all-new episode below:

Tell us about your episode of Rock Dinner!

Rock Dinner was a great experience for us because it gave us an opportunity that we don’t get too often, which is getting to know fans face-to-face and get to know them more personally. It was a reward for us to see a person who admires our music to put in all the effort to try to bring us a piece of our country [through the food]. I hadn’t been to Venezuela in a long time because of traveling so much and we got a piece of food from Venezuela. It was a gigantic effort on the fan’s behalf. It was a great experience.

You and Chino asked your fan for Venezuelan empanadas at your dinner. How did they come out?

Well, they didn’t come out too much like Venezuelan empanadas. They really didn’t come out like them, or the taste, but what matters is the effort. In the end, we ended up eating pizza [Laughs]. They had a Plan B!

How did you feel before meeting your fan on Rock Dinner?

Yes, I was nervous mostly because I was very hungry [Laughs] and I didn’t know if the food came our good enough to eat peacefully. But yes, we were a bit nervous because it’s always great to hang out with your fans and they always have different opinions with respect to you and your music. This was the first time we did something like this and we went in there wondering what our fan thought about us.

Tell us about your craziest fan moment.

This was years ago; whenever we arrived at any Latin American hotel, we grew used to renting an entire floor of rooms in a hotel for our team because we have a huge team. There was a girl who figured out what floor we were going to be on and rented rooms before so no one could tell her anything. I went in one room with a friend and when I open the closet, I found the girl inside.   

What did you do?

First, I got scared because I thought it was a ghost. We had recently watched a horror film so we all got scared. And then I asked if she was above age [Laughs].