EXCLUSIVE: Pop Singer Manika Talks One Direction & Her New Book!

Pop artist Manika (pronounced Ma-nee-ka) was just a regular chica with big dreams living in Las Vegas, until one day, opportunity came knocking at her door. His name was Frank DiLeo and he managed the King of Pop (yes, Michael Jackson) for many years!

Since then, this star of Spanish and Asian descent, has toured with one of the biggest international boy bands; released a self-titled double album in June which she released for free on her website for fans; performed and was a guest judge at Las Vegas' "Battle of the Strands" hair competition; and is working on releasing another book (her first was the children's book The Exciting Adventures of BOO which she wrote at 15).

We caught up with Manika recently to get to know more about this rising starlet. Check out our interview below:

You spent last summer touring with One Direction, what was that like? Did you become exceptionally close with any one of them in particular?

I had an awesome time! Two months on the road with them, I got super close to all of the boys. I'm actually posting my tour diary of my time touring with the boys to my website soon.

If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be? Why?

Demi Lovato! She's amazing plus she has a huge Latin American following. My fans are also very similar demographics. For example, out of my 3 and a half million Facebook fans about half of them are from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and other Central and South American countries.

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