EXCLUSIVE: Leslie Grace On Being the "Princess of Bachata"

When we first heard about Leslie Grace, we were impressed, to say the least! The 18-year-old Dominicana already had made history with a #1 hit ("Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow") on the Latin Airplay charts, and she was preparing to release her self-titled debut album.

But since then, this budding singer released a modern-day version of "Be My Baby," and has come to be known as the "Princess of Bachata."

We caught up with Leslie Grace to talk about her recent Billboard achievements, her musical inspirations and what it's like to be a young woman singing for a male dominated genre.

Check out our interview with Leslie Grace below:

How does it feel to have an album reach number four on the Billboard Latin Album chart and number three on the Billboard Tropical Album chart?

It's most definitely a rewarding feeling knowing that something you've worked so long and hard on is loved and enjoyed by others just as much. Being listed on the charts alongside idols like Marc Anthony and Natalie Cole was an honor for me, especially with it being my first album! It’s like watching your baby come back from his or her first day of school with a bunch of golden star stickers!

So "Be My Baby,” was this sung with someone special in mind?

[Laughs] “Be My Baby” is actually more of an ode to the era of where the song came from. It’s a song I grew up listening to from very young in my household because it was featured on my sister's favorite soundtrack of the movie Dirty Dancing. By the time I got to record this song myself, it was a part of my life. When I perform it, I dedicate it to my amazing fans.

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