EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Estefan on Becoming a Grandmother: "This Baby Is Amazing!"

Cuban pop legend, Gloria Estefan had fans on Twitter saying "Wepa" after announcing the news of becoming a grandmother for the first time to grandson, Sasha Argento Estefan-Coppola, on June 21. She posted, “My heart was already full & now it runs over! There's a new man in my life! I'm in love!” We exclusively spoke to our August cover model about life as a new abuela, what parenting lessons she hopes to pass on to her son, Nayib, and daughter-in-law, Lara Estefan-Coppola, and her secrets to staying so beautiful. Check it out below!

Congrats on becoming an abuela for the first time! What are you feeling right now?

"This baby is amazing! It’s such a beautiful thing to see my son become a father. I love seeing the way he is with him; he’s just so tender. The baby is a really good baby and I see him everyday because they live out here on the island with us. It’s just great to go across the street and see my grandson. He feels our energy, it’s a beautiful thing."

Does his name Sasha Argento have any special significance?

"It was actually our back-up name for Nayib. Sasha Argento is an Arab name that stands for 'the benefactor of mankind.'"

What’s the best part of being a new abuela?

"Payback is hell! (Laughs) The entire experience has been wonderful. Nayib is a great kid, but I always told him, ‘you will never know what life is all about until you have a baby.’ He’s a great dad, but it’s challenging and I warned him about it. They have their sleepless nights, so it’s tough sometimes, but he’s handling it great. He’s a great dad and she’s a great mom.”

How does Emilio feel about the baby?

“You can see [the love] in his eyes. He’s afraid to touch the little baby though! I tell him, ‘It’s okay you’re not going to break the baby.’ (Laughs) He’s a little more scared; he wouldn’t know what to do because we had our last baby 18 years ago in December. He goes to visit the baby everyday.”

How do you stay looking so beautiful? What’s your secret for other abuelas out there?

"I’ve been taking care of my skin forever because I have the joy of having genetically great skin both from my mom and dad, so I am grateful for that. I take a lot of care and I would never, no matter how tired I am, go to bed with makeup on my face and without a clean fresh moisturized face. I also try to stay out of the sun, even though I love it! I always wear a cap and lots of sunblock. Plus I exercise, but not a whole lot. It’s really what you eat that counts the most. I lost 30 something pounds and I’ve been fighting to keep off weight."

What parenting lessons do you hope your son Nayib and his family passes on?

"His whole life I turned into a parenting lesson, because I knew this day would come. But teaching and experiencing are two different things. I am here to cushion his fall and I am happy to be here and Emilio and his sister [Emily] too, because she is good with babies. They can always count on us. I always taught them that communication is important. You can’t spoil kids with too much love. What I love about them is that they are normal kids; they are really nice and humble and care about other people. And that’s what you really hope for the next generation too."