EXCLUSIVE: Daniella Monet Talks About New Film ‘A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!’

In March, we introduced Nickelodeon star Daniella Monet, costar of the hit series Victorious alongside Victoria Justice.  Now, the 22-year-old part-Chilean will bask in her own starring role in Nickelodeon’s new TV movie, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! 

The movie, which premieres this Saturday, July 9, on Nickelodeon, is a live-action/computer generated imagery adaptation of the network’s popular animated series, The Fairly OddParents.  Monet plays Tootie, a zealous defender of nature and the love interest of the film’s main character Timmy (played by Drake Bell from the Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh).  Both characters are in their 20s now, much older than the ages of the cartoon characters they’re based on.  The film centers on Timmy’s reluctance to grow up.

Monet, who is originally from California, sat down with Latina.com to speak about her new film, Hollywood friendships and her favorite Latina role model.

Tell us about your new movie, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!

Very exciting!  It’s a cool movie – it’s all very magical.  Very true to the cartoon.  Timmy doesn’t want to grow up.  He wants to stay in the fifth grade, he doesn’t want to lose his fairy godparents and he loves living his normal life, whereas Tootie has grown up and matured.  She cares about the planet and helping helpless creatures.  She’s different now – she’s no longer your typical Tootie you see in the cartoon with braces, glasses, and pigtails.  It’s funny to see them [both characters] interact.  Now that Timmy sees Tootie for the first time and realizes that this is this is the Tootie that he once knew who was crazy, he realizes it’s not that hard to grow up.  He realizes that it’s not so hard to be responsible and he can maybe do it without his fairly godparents if he had to.

How is this role different from your past roles?

It’s very different!  Tootie is the sweetest.  She wants to save the world – if she could do it, she would.  I play a lot of big comedy characters.  I’ve played a lot of meaner roles as well in the past, which were really fun and different because I don’t typically act that way in real life.

You’re portraying a character that is based on a cartoon.  What kind of preparation did you do for this role?

Growing up, I watched the cartoon religiously, so for the past ten years, I’ve been very familiar with The Fairly OddParents.  I wanted to bring a lot of quirks and elements of the old Tootie back into this new Tootie because everyone has a kid in them. 

Which Latina celebrity do you look up to?

I love Jessica Alba.  I think she’s just a classic, simple beauty.  I like that she’s chosen some really fun roles but with that, she’s also drizzled in a lot of action roles, which is something I’m really passionate about.  And here she is being a mom and raising a family!

Who are some of your friends in Hollywood?

My cast – we are really close.  Growing up in this business and growing up in Los Angeles in general, it forces you to be in the surroundings of a lot of young actors or artsy kids…so there are several people that I keep in touch with who I’ve worked with in the past.

What are some of your upcoming projects? 

I did a fun guest role on The Troop, playing a fairy and I worked with a lot of green screen work, which was really fun.  I also did a role on Supah Ninjas, where I played this crazy kick-butt martial artist who is a part of this prep school that can do pretty much anything.  They rob banks, they take over the world.  I got to do pretty much 100 percent of my stunts.  I’m really excited for people to see that.