Exclusive Clip: Becky G Gets Magic Lesson From Hip-Hop Houdini

Photo Courtesy of Fuse

Becky G gets a lesson in magic from Hip-Hop Houdini host Smoothini, in this exclusive clip from Fuse. The actress and singer made an appearance on the Tuesday night series where the magician made her question everything she’s ever known about the art of magic.

Smoothini asks the “Mayores” hitmaker to pick a card and look at the symbol printed on it but he demanded she not share it. After crumbling it up, he asked Becky to give the symbol only in her head so nobody else in the room could see it.

Next, he requests the 21-year-old bully him around a bit by punching him as hard as she can. Initially, she refuses to strike him hard but Smoothini insists that as a former Marine, he can take it. The reason for this was so Becky could transfer the symbol to him through her punch.

We don’t want to ruin the outcome but let’s just say this pair has us believing in magic! It definitely looks like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers star will also leave convinced of his powers.

Although, nobody checked the other cards to ensure they all didn’t have the same symbol printed on them. You can decide for yourself when her appearance airs tonight on Fuse.

Check out the clip below: