EXCLUSIVE: Bella Thorne Wants Her ‘Shake It Up!’ Character to be Cuban!

If Shake It Up! star, Bella Thorne gets her way, CeCe Jones  one of the most beloved characters on the Disney Channel — will be part-Cuban. "It would be really cool if she was Latin like my father, Reinaldo," Bella, whose father was Cuban, tells us. "We don’t know who CeCe's dad is, or where he is, so maybe you guys will find that out in a later episode," adds the proud Latina.

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Bella’s dad passed away in April, 2007 from a motorcycle accident, but the adorable 13-year-old star still has her dad very close to her heart. "He used to say I was his Latina princess,” explains Thorne. "His Cuban Princess."

In addition to wanting her character to be Cuban, Bella says she'd also like CeCe to speak Spanish. "That would be really cool!" Bella said when asked if she'd like CeCe to speak Spanish in an episode of Shake It Up! "I’m going to be taking Spanish in school, so I’m really excited about that because then I can get back to speaking it the way I did when I was little," she adds. We can't wait to hear it!

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