EXCLUSIVE: Bella Thorne On Playing 'Frenemy' To Her Real-Life Best Friend Zendaya Coleman

Bella Thorne’s new Disney Channel Original Movie Frenemies premieres tonight, and we caught up with the Cuban American actress over the phone yesterday to chat about it!

WATCH: Bella Thorne Stars in New Disney Channel Flick 'Frenemies’

The film follows three best friends who become frenemies. Thorne plays Avalon, a fashion-forward girl who is the style guru behind a special blog, which she manages with her best friend, Halle (played by Thorne’s real-life best friend and Shake It Up costar Zendaya Coleman). When an outsider expresses interest in the blog, Avalon and Halle must choose who will be the sole editor – the other must leave the site altogether. This is a huge problem for the best friends, whose competitiveness turns them against each other.

We asked Thorne what it was like to play a frenemy to her real-life BFF – and you’d be surprised to learn the teen star's response. Check out our full interview with Thorne below to learn more about Frenemies, which premieres tonight on Disney at 8/7c.

Tell us about the film Frenemies!

The film tells different storylines. We are the second storyline that comes in. It’s about my character who’s really into fashion on a blog site and her best friend, who is played by Zendaya, does all the writing on the blog site. We want to do this job together and we have to pick who is editor… and the other one can’t work on the blog. So we have to fight for this together and do all these crazy things to each other and we become frenemies.

Tell us about your role in the movie.

My character Avalon is a lot of fun – she’s kind of like my character CeCe in a way, but she’s really girly though. She’s very fashion-forward and loves the blog site like it’s her baby. She loves her best friend and sadly, they have to go against each other and she’s really not happy about it in the movie.

You’re best friends in real life with Zendaya. Was it difficult to play her frenemy in the film?

It’s not difficult at all – it was actually a lot of fun because Zendaya and I never fight. We thought, ‘Oh, this is actually kind of fun!’ It was really different for us.

Have you ever had a frenemy in real life?

No. I think if I was in middle or high school, I think I would because I think everyone does in that age category. But no, I’ve never had one. There are just some people who I just don’t know.

Avalon is really fashionable in Frenemies. Do you have a specific fashion style or does it always change?

I think it always, always changes. It’s definitely really different. I could go from tomboy to girly-girl, back to tomboy, then maybe rocker. It changes all the time!

How is Avalon different from your Shake It up character, Cece Jones?

I think it’s more of her style – Avalon is more girly. And her fashion is different.

Do you have a love interest in the movie?

I do. His name is Connor and he’s a really cool kid. I’ve known him for a while. It was fun shooting with him because he’s really funny, but he’s my character’s frenemy.

Is Avalon Latina?

Well, they never go through that, but I’m a Latina, so I’m guessing my character is!