6 Times Sofia Vergara Took the Latina Stereotype Too Far

Sofia Vergara has always loved making people laugh, even if it means falling into problematic stereotypes. The actress definitely has a history of playing up Latina tropes and has even defended doing so.

We rounded up different times Vergara played into the sexy, sassy, spicy Latina stereotypes: 

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1. Sofia Stereotypes: Very Sexy

1. On Latinas being sexy. 

Vergara has never been one to shy away from her sexiness. In an interview, she once said that "a Latina just wants to walk into a place and feel great. Somebody is going to turn around and look. So a Latina better find a guy who understands that, even appreciates it, because it’s a compliment.” This is a perfect example of the 44-year-old feeding into the myth that all Latinas want is attention. 

2. Sofia Stereotypes: Gloria

2. On the quintessential Latina

Sofía's character on Modern Family, Gloria, has been accused of showing off a stereotypical Latina that is sexy, has an accent and married an older, richer man. Vergara has defended it and doesn't see anything wrong with that. “I don’t see anything bad about being stereotyped as a Latin woman,” Vergara previously said to The Daily Beast. “We are yellers, we’re pretty, we’re sexy and we’re scandalous. I am not scared of the stereotypes.”

3. Sofia Stereotypes: Above the Rest

3. On all Latinas being maids. 

Vergara has made controversial comments that every Latina has a maid and they are all Latina. “It’s so different over there. You have the maid that cooks. The maid that irons the clothes. It’s a hard adjustment. When I came to the United States and started working, my priority was not to buy a handbag but to spend my money on the maid and a nanny. Always," she said. 

4. Sofia Stereotypes: Bikini

4. On Latinas loving to show off skin. 

Sofía has always loved to show her figure, which is OK, until she starts saying that all Latinas enjoy doing the same. “When I moved to the United States, I used to have bathing suits brought up from Colombia. There’s nothing slutty about a dental-floss bikini. You don’t even think about it. The first bathing suit your mother buys you is in the shape of a triangle," she said. 

5. Sofia Stereotypes: On Stage

5. Latinas are just trophy wives. 

At the 2014 Emmys, Vergara allowed herself to be displayed as a human trophy during a speech, spinning around as if that's all Latinas had to offer. 

6. Sofia Stereotypes: Presenting

6. On Latinas not being able to speak English. 

At the 2017 Golden GlobesVergara made a joke that was at the expense of her accent. “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has an anal tradition,” Vergara began, seemingly struggling with the teleprompter. “I didn’t mean … they have an anus tradition. They have a tradition that they do every year of choosing a second-generation performer to assist in the presentation of the awards.” The star received backlash for exaggerating her accent for laughs, and defended doing so with a fake Marilyn Monroe quote. "It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring," she posted.