WATCH: Javier Bardem Scares The Crap Out Of You In 'mother!'



Fans have a love-hate relationship with Javier Bardem because he’s super good at being super creepy on film.

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In the trailer for mother!, Bardem’s latest movie opposite Jennifer Lawrence, we can’t tell what he’s up to. Things seem chill as he and J. Law make googly eyes at each other in their quiet country home.

But once those short violin chords get going, you know there’s potential for Lawrence's head to end up in a freezer or get trapped in the "sunken place" like in Get Out.  And then when strangers like Michelle Pfeiffer—looking like she’s up to no damn good—request a room because she thought the quiet house was a bed and breakfast, problems arise.

And get this, the couple DO NOT turn her away. (Hint: If your place is not listed on Airbnb, don't let strangers disturb your happy home.) 

So, it makes total sense that Lawrence screams “murderer!” at some point in the clip for this psychological horror-thriller. Cue those haunting strings again. 

What’s the plot tho? And why is it called mother!? None of that is clear.

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And that’s the way writer/director Darren Aronofsky, the guy who gave us dark ballerina bat-shit craziness with the Black Swan, intended it to be. (Remember he earned a best Oscar nod for that thriller in 2011.)

Will you see mother!  when it hits theaters on September 15th?


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