Vicci Martinez and Javier Colon Head to the Finals on 'The Voice!'

Last night on NBC’s The Voice, the field was cut from 8 contestants down to the Final Four and two Latinos (Vicci Martinez of Tacoma, Washington and Javier Colon of Bridgeport, Connecticut) were chosen by their coaches (and America) to compete in next week’s season finale!

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Vicci, a member of Cee-Lo Green's team, made it through over fellow teammate Nakia, despite the fact that Nakia got a 51 from Cee-Lo, while Vicci only got a score of 49 from Green. But Vicci made it through to the finals with America's help, receiving an overall score of 124 compared to Nakia's overall score of 80. While she was awaiting her fate on stage, Vicci was asked about her late father."I feel like my dad's here with me, and my mom's here, and I love you mom. I'm just so happy,” she said before breaking out in tears.

'The Voice' of Latinos is Beautiful

Later in the show, Adam Levine had to reveal who was going home from his team between Casey Weston and Javier Colon. Javier started crying when host, Carson Daily asked about his family and he thanked his parents who were in the audience. Adam gave Casey a score of 35 and Javier a score of 65 and explained that he had to play favorites because Javier is just so damn good. “I had to advance him,” Adam said. So Javier ended up with a 138 while Casey ended up with 60, sending Javier through to the finals. 

But there was one Latina who was sent home on last night’s show: 16-year-old cutie Xenia, who was on Blake Shelton's team. While Blake gave both Xenia and her fellow contestant, Dia a score of 50, and said he loved them both, America decided to send Dia through, eliminating Xenia in the process. And on Team Christina, fan favorite Beverly McClellan was sent to the finals over teammate Frenchie Davis