5 Things to Know About Venus Williams' Cuban Boyfriend Elio Pis

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Legendary tennis player Venus Williams has a new love and he's Latino! We have done some spying on the champ's hunky boyfriend. Find out 5 things you didn't know about Elio Pis below:

The camera loves him: The 6’1 model has been featured alongside Brooke Shields in French Vogue and has also modeled for mogul Russell Simmons' clothing line. With a body like that, who can blame him?

He mixes business with pleasure: The 24-year-old served as a model for Venus’ sports line, EleVen. The couple recently posed together to show off some of her tennis apparel on her website. They definitely make us want to hit the gym...

He hit the books: Nope, Pis isn’t just a pretty face – he’s educated too. After learning how to speak English, the Cuban model graduated from Florida International University in 2010 with a degree in psychology.

He’s a cheerleader: The Miami boy was spotted cheering on the two-time U.S. Open winner during all of her matches for the New York Grand Slam tournament. What a caballero.

He’s a true Cuban: On his Facebook page, Elio describes himself as a "constant thinker, optimistic, a free spirit and blunt." Who doesn’t love all of those qualities?