Vanessa Hudgens: Please Just Claim You’re a Latina Already!

Call it a fad or just plan reality, but it seems like everyone wants to be Latina nowadays and, honestly, who can blame them? Vanessa Hudgens ‘kind of, sort of’ opened up about her Latina roots on The Chelsea Lately Show while promoting Spring Breakers with Selena Gomez.

The comedian joked with Selenita about having dancing skills since she’s Latina, then turned to Vanessa and asked, “Are you Latina as well?” The 24-year-old actress, who played a Latina on High School Musical, weirdly responded, “I mean kind of a little bit.” Chelsea saved the awkward moment by responding, “Everyone is kind of a little bit something.” Umm, yeah.

They should have had Chuy Bravo quiz her on her ‘Latinaness’ just for kicks. The California-born star does have Spanish roots so if she wants to be one of us then we welcome her with open arms. Just claim it all the way because Latinas don’t half-ass these kinds of things. Just a tip for the future, Vanessa!

Watch the interview below and let us know your thoughts!