Vanessa Bryant Sells Newport Mansion for $3.2 Million!

Now that Vanessa and Kobe Bryant have reconciled since the couple’s highly publicized separation, the famous basketball wife may have more assets flowing into her bank account. Vanessa has reportedly sold the Newport Mansion she garnered during talks of a divorce settlement with the basketball star.

Back in December of 2011, Vanessa cited “irreconcilable differences,” and was granted full ownership of the couple’s three estates in California with an estimate value of $18.8 million. She married the star athlete without a prenuptial agreement in 2003. Their ten-year marriage often received media attention for the Los Angeles Lakers player’s rumored infidelities.

According to Radar Online, Vanessa sold the home the couple previously jointly owned for 3.2 million. The estate was previously listed for $3.7 million back in September 2012. The property, which was built in 1999, was sold to the family for 2.6 million in 2001.

It includes five bedrooms, an office, and five fireplaces. The couple own two additional homes in the same upscale neighborhood, one of which her mother reportedly resides in.

She is one lucky lady!