‘Ugly Betty’s Freddy Rodriguez has a Wine Epiphany

If the intricacies of fine wine confuse you, Freddy Rodriguez can be your guide. The Puerto Rican hottie stars in Bottle Shock, a drama about wine-making which is out in select theaters now. He told OK! Magazine:

“I was an average wine drinker, who would drink just at parties and at dinner. Before doing the film, I would wonder what the big deal is, and it’s not until I had the first really good glass of wine that I had a wine epiphany and I understood. Before I went out there, I would have a glass of wine at dinner and think nothing of it. It’s not until you go out there and you have that first incredible glass of wine. If you have the means and the luxury of only drinking that kind of great wine, then you will do so. If you have a tomato epiphany, you will say ‘I will only eat these tomatoes because they are so fantastic and they blew my mind.’ I could see how people who could afford it would do it.”

We’re not sure if tomatoes ever have (or will) “blow our minds.” Strangely enough, though, the cast was given juice on set to mimic wine. So let’s get this straight…the grape juice made you appreciate fine wine, Freddy?