Exclusive: Yara Martinez Talks ‘Alpha House,’ Mark Consuelos, & Being a Cubarican

Amazon.com isn’t just for shopping anymore! Thanks to its new political comedy series Alpha House and Cuban actress, Yara Martinez, the site is getting into the online TV game.

Martinez, who co-stars with Mark Consuelos and John Goodman, portrays Adriana de Portago, a Miami Cuban billionaire heiress who assembles Republican super packs. She also gets to lock lips with Consuelos (wink!). Here, she talks to us about Alpha House, meeting Kelly Ripa, her favorite Cuban restaurant in New York City and more!

How different is this role from your past work?

It’s very different. I’ve been working for a while and as far as a Latina role that I’ve noticed and especially this past pilot season is that other Latina roles on TV when I first started were very ambiguous. I would come to set and I would ask, well is she Mexican? Is she Cuban? But it was very generic. I was so excited that this role is very specific—she’s a Cuban from Miami. I think playing someone who is so specific is different than any other roles that I’ve done.

With Alpha being your first online show, what can you do at Amazon that you can’t at a network?

The main difference between network TV and here is the nucleus of people involved is a lot smaller. So it allows for more creative freedom for the writer and myself because there aren’t a lot of people to report to.

How is it working with Mark Consuelos? Have you met his wife, Kelly Ripa?

Working with Mark has been great! He is so great on set. He just felt like someone I grew up with; I felt so comfortable with him. The bonus is that I got to meet and hangout with him and Kelly and see what an amazing and generous spirit she is. Looking at both of them it’s insane to think how hot they are and how much down to earth they are. I want to come back in my next life as both of them.

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