EXCLUSIVE: The X Factor Judges Talk About The Show, Eliminations & More

Demi Lovato at X Factor event
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Last Thursday night’s  X Factor elimination was down to a battle between two of Paulina Rubio’s contestants, Carlito Olivero and Tim Olstad.

One of Demi’s girls, Khaya Kohen, was the first contestant sent home before ultimately, Olstad was sent packing.

Audiences awaited each judges’ vote, as one by one, each mentor opted to send Olstad home. Lovato and Cowell both agreed he lacked the certain X Factor that a top 40 artist possesses.

Lovato labeled artists like One Direction, Little Mix and last season’s X Factor girl group Fifth Harmony as examples of success.

The show is all about producing super stars, and that’s what  ovato made a point…to point out.

The reality star judge became defensive in regards to her show, as the X Factor has been reported to have an all time low in the ratings.

Lovato made it known that their competition, NBC’s The Voice, which does better ratings wise, does not produce top 40 artists.

To see all of what Lovato, Cowell, Rubio and Kelly Rowland had to say on various topics, or if you simply want to be entertained (trust, it’s worth it!) check out the video below!

The X Factor airs Wednesday and Thursday evenings on Fox.