Would You Want Cheech Marin as Your Father-in-Law?

Cheech Marin has just been confirmed to play the patriarch of a close-knit Mexican American family for a new sitcom. Deadline is reporting that the Mexican American funny man has signed on as father-in-law to Rob Schneider’s character in the new CBS comedy. The project, which is still untitled, is co-written by Schneider and based on the actor’s real life. This past April, Schneider married Mexican television producer Patricia Azarcoya Arce.

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The comedy also stars Spanish actress Claudia Bassols as Schneider’s wife. Other familiar Latino faces include Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez and one of our fave Latinas—Lupe Ontiveros. Though the project got the green light for only eight episodes, we hope it’ll be hit. We have no idea what Marin’s character will be like, but if we know the 65-year-old, he will definitely bring his own unique brand of comedy to the show.

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