World's First Mayan Telenovela Premieres

In an interview with Sin Embargo, Cárcamo spoke about the consequences of a group of people losing their language.

“If you lose a language, you’re not only losing those words,” he told the outlet. “You are losing an entire peoples, and this could happen with the  Mayan people of the Yucatán.”

In addition to the telenovela appearing on YouTube, Cárcamo has told several outlets that his project would air on Mexican television this month, and possibly Peru and Bolivia at some point.

It’s obvious that telenovelas are spreading their dramatic hand gestures and dragged-out plots throughout the rest of the entire world. Just the other day, we reported on Telemundo launching in Africa and, of course, they’re bringing their soaps with them. Check out the trailer for Baktún here.

What do you think of this new Maya telenovela? Would you watch it?