Wilmer Valderama Gets Sent to ‘Suburgatory’

Colombian and Venezuelan-American actor Wilmer Valderrama has landed a gig as a guest star on ABC’s new comedy Suburgatory. TVGuide.com reports that the 31 year-old will play Yoni, a local who is the town's blend between the Dalai Lama and Richard Gere.

Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama Caught Kissing!

Creator of the series, Emily Kapnek said of Valderrama’s Romeo role, “He is highly spiritual, with a great head of hair. Self-trained in the art of Reiki. Yoni stands alone as Chatswin's new age guru, making him extremely popular with moms.” 

“He's also great in bed," she adds with a wink. Considering Wilmer's reputation as a ladies man, the part sounds perfect!

Valderrama has been booking a lot of work on television lately. He currently co-stars in the upcoming NBC midseason replacement drama, Awake, and lends his voice to the title character in Disney Channel’s animated series Handy Manny. The Suburgatory episode is set to air early next year.