William Levy Leaving Telenovelas...For Now

We may not be seeing William Levy in another telenovela for a while! In a recent Twitter Q & A, the Triunfo del Amor star answered various questions asked by his fans. When someone asked him what his next telenovela would be, Levy said that for the moment, he had no plans to start filming a new soap. Don't worry, he won't be out of the public eye for long, Levy is actually working on his first film project!

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The Cuban hottie added that he loves visiting his fans all around the world. Tomorrow, he will be in Guatemala for the closing of their national Teletón, a 24-plus-hour TV and radio broadcast for charity. In addition, the actor has a possible trip to Hungary at the end of this month and plans a visit to Washington D.C. in September—not like you would stalk him or anything, right?

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