Will You Watch "The Real Housewives of Miami"?

Will You Watch "The Real Housewives of Miami"?

The Real Housewives of Miami premieres tonight on Bravo, and you can bet there’s going to be plenty of drama compliments of cast members Marysol Patton and Adriana De Moura.

In a preview of tonight’s premiere, the Brazilian-born Adriana goes out for a girl’s night with fellow cast members Larsa Pippen and Cristy Rice when she decides out of nowhere to strut on a stage at a random fashion show. "Don’t dare me to do something fun, because it’s second nature to me,” Adriana says in the episode. Pippen and Rice are then shown being shocked by Adriana's weird behavior and Rice says: "Who wants to go on a catwalk when the show's over and everybody's gone [other than] my daughter and her friends, who are eight?! It's cute when you're 8!"

Adriana says she did it to prove a point. "They were trying to make me look stupid, like the crazy one, the trainwreck," she explains. "So I showed them how it's done." Clearly, Adriana will be bringing the drama on the show, but she's not alone. Fellow castmate, Marysol Patton, who runs a public relations firm in Miami is equally as entertaining, on-screen and off. After her arrest on January 10th 2010 for a DUI, RadarOnline is now reporting that Marysol was also wanted in connection with a hit-and-run.

To add insult to injury, Marysol's 76-year-old mother, Elsa Carreras Patton (who also appears on the show), was also arrested that same year for a DUI and driving without a valid license (her case was later dismissed when the arresting officer failed to show up in court to testify). 

The Real Housewives of Miami premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. (EST) on Bravo.