Why We Heart Roberto of 'The Bachelorette'

As The Bachelorette (ABC) episodes unfold and we see more and more of the Puerto Rican hottie and final-four contestant Roberto, it’s obvious that Bachelorette Ali isn’t the only one smitten by him. Here are some of our reasons for having a major crush on this Tampa boy:  

He’s spontaneous.

On his first date with Ali, they held hands as they walked across a tight rope. In the midst of such an adrenaline rush, Roberto stopped halfway, faced Ali slightly and planted a sweet, soft kiss on her lips.

He’s romantic. 

While all the other men sang a song to win an opportunity to perform in the Broadway show The Lion King with Ali, Roberto was the only one to look her in the eyes and sing directly to her. Needless to say, he won! 

He makes a great first impression.

So much that Ali awarded him with the "first impression" rose after he gave her a small Salsa dancing lesson, greeted her in Spanish and went in for a hug (instead of a cold handshake) when they first met.

He’s a well-rounded man.

Besides being fluent in Spanish and Salsa dancing, he speaks a few other languages, is well-traveled, a former professional baseball player, business owner, and speaks very highly of his parents and the importance of family.


Whether he’s in tights performing in The Lion King, oil wrestling shirtless in Turkey, or showing his million dollar smile, you're bound to blush just as Ali does!