Who Should be J. Lo’s New Nanny?

It’s been less than a week since Jennifer Lopez officially became an American Idol judge, but the hardworking Boricua is already working on a new project—a dramedy for ABC. The show, which is still in the early stages of production, will be about a Los Angeles family as told through the eyes of their three Latina nannies. Here are our top picks for the actresses we’d love to see play the Lannies (Latin Nannies).

1. Nannies: Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez, 32

Who doesn’t want to watch a nanny on TV who curses like a sailor? Known for playing tough chicks in dramas like Girlfight (2000), The Fast and the Furious (2001), and Avatar (2009)—Michelle has never really starred in a comedy. We would tune in every week just to see her verbally berate the family she works for!

2. Nannies: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie, 29

Whether she’s guest starring as a butt-kicking femme fatale on NBC’s hit show, Chuck or hosting Saturday Night Live, Nicole is a talented comedienne who brings the laughs. Plus, she has experience with children as the real-life mommy to two adorable toddlers: daughter Harlow Winter Kate Richie-Madden, 2, and son Sparrow James Midnight Madden, 1.

3. Nannies: Ana Ortiz

Ana Ortiz, 39

We’d pay good money to see Ana as a nanny with tons of attitude who moves to Los Angeles from the Bronx to find work. The character can be just like Hilda—Ana’s Ugly Betty character. Well, except when it comes to cooking, cleaning and taking care of day-to-day chores. Hilda wasn’t exactly the picture of domesticity.

4. Nannies: Shelley Morrison

Shelley Morrison, 73

As Rosario, Karen’s (Megan Mullally) maid on Will & Grace, Shelley Morrison spent a great deal of her time cleaning up after a messy drunk. We’d love to see Shelley as one of the stars of J-Lo’s new show, but only if they cast her as a bitchy, no-nonsense nanny who trades insults with her boss.  What can we say? We’re nostalgic.

5. Nannies: Paz Vega

Paz Vega, 34

In Spanglish (2004), Paz played a poor Mexican woman who became a live-in nanny to the neglected children of a rich couple. Paz’s character, Flor Moreno, didn’t know a single word of English—yet she managed to cook, clean, and provide emotional support to the children and their parents. Now that’s what we call a great nanny!

6. Nannies: Lupe Ontiveros

Lupe Ontiveros, 68.

We loved Lupe as Greg Kinnear’s naïve, optimistic housekeeper, Nora, in the Oscar-winning movie, As Good As It Gets (1997). But her role on Desperate Housewives proved that she has small screen chops. Plus, Jennifer and Lupe go waaaaay back (Ontiveros played the murderous Yolanda Saldivar in Selena).  

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