Who should be the first Latino 'Bachelor'?

Ever since The Bachelor returned to TV last week (dragging commitment-phobic Brad Womack back into the national consciousness) we've been trying to figure out what is missing from this long-running reality TV show. Then it hit us: There has never been a Latino Bachelor or Bachelorette in all 11 seasons of the hit ABC show!

Though we are fully aware of the horrible lack of Latinos (and people of color in general) on television these days, this just seems like a slap in the face. ABC has had more than 10 chances to fix this wrong just by casting one single person of color in the title role. It can't be that hard!

So, we did it for them. After a very unscientific poll, we've compiled a short list of three hotties who we think would be perfect for this prime time reality show. From a young professional athlete to a silver fox intellectual journalist, we've got it covered. Tell us: