Which Latino Star Is Getting His Own Video Game?

How cool would it be to see yourself in a video game?

Tr3s is reporting that 82-year-old legendary comedian/actor Chespirito (whose government name is Roberto Gómez Bolaños) will have a video game based on one of his most beloved characters. Can you take a guess who it is?

None other than our favorite Latino orphan – El Chavo from El Chavo del Ocho!

According to the website, Kaxan Games will be releasing El Chavo next March for the Nintendo Wii console. In the puzzle-based game, which is geared towards a family audience, gamers can play as El Chavo and compete in a series of challenges, which include hula-hoops and water balloons.

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This is really exciting news – what we call an interesting blend between old school and new school. Bolaños is best known for his role in the Televisa show, which centers on the adventures of an orphan named Chavo and other inhabitants of an apartment building. Bolaños created El Chavo del Ocho, which was incredibly popular in Latin America, spreading to the United States, Brazil, and Spain.

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According to Tr3s, Bolaños’ new video game will be part of a celebration next year to mark his four-decade-long career in television.

Now, what’s left to wonder is if the octogenarian himself will actually play the video game? We would love to see that!