What to Watch: New Latino Web Series 'Los Americans'

Imagine a modern, multi-generational, suburban, middle class, Latino family. Does that sound sort of familiar? Now, imagine seeing that family in scripted scenes with high production values and great acting. That’s what the new web series Los Americans is bringing to the internet.

Los Americans features a number of acclaimed Latino actors including, Esai Morales, Lupe Ontiveros, and Tony Plana. The eight-part series follows the Valenzuela family, a tight-knit but diverse Mexican American family living in Los Angeles. The Valenzuela’s are faced with issues familiar to most American families; social mobility, alcoholism, unemployment, immigration and infidelity are all addressed.

The series tackles realistic situations that Americans of all races can relate to and translates them into a compelling show. But it’s not all drama and tears, “Los Americans is dramatic, but funny at times,” says Morales.

This web series has a lot of heart and honestly, any show depicting a realistic Latino family is worth watching. Los Americans is a show with relatable themes and most of us will find pieces of our own families and lives reflected in the characters. The episodes are presented in succinct 15-minute segments. Plus, you can watch it from the comfort of your own bed on your laptop of iPad if you choose! Check out the first episode below and catch the new ones every week at pic.tv/losamericans:

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