What to Watch: 'Biblioburro: The Donkey Library'

Sometimes, living in the United States, it can be easy to take books for granted. But what if books were rare and there were a ton of obstacles to keep you from reading?

The new documentary by filmmaker Carlos Rendón Zipagauta, Biblioburro: The Donkey Library (premiering on PBS Tuesday, July 19 at 10PM) follows Luis Soriano, a Colombian teacher who was inspired a decade ago to travel to rural towns and share books via donkey with children living in some of the most violent terrain of Colombia. 

"In [rural] regions, a child must walk or ride a donkey for up to 40 minutes to reach the closest schools," Soriano said in an interview. "The children have very few opportunities to go to secondary school...There are [few] teachers that would like to teach in the countryside."

After ten years of collecting books and donations, Soriano’s once modest collection of 70 books has now reached 4,800. His simple idea to bring books to children who didn’t seem to stand a chance with all of the violence and poverty that surrounds them has helped them become more educated and given them hope for the future. 

The documentary shares the story of an extraordinary individual and his heartwarming pursuit for education in a place that seems so resistant to change.

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