What’s Next For Adamari López & Elizabeth Gutiérrez After 'Mira Quién Baila'?

Now that Adamari López won first place in the second season of Mira Quién Baila, what will the Boricua actress do next? 

In an interview with Mezcal TV, López spoke about her immediate plans now that the Univision dancing competition is over. “Work, you have to keep working, I think I have to work more now than ever,” the gorgeous 40-year-old López said with a smile. “For now, just enjoying time with family, who is here… and my father’s here. My mom’s birthday is on the 23rd and we have Thanksgiving. They’re all here and we’re going to enjoy it and spend some time together.”

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As for eliminated Mira Quién Baila contestant and Mexican American actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez, (and Cuban hottie William Levy’s ex) she will be in recovery. “Rest from dancing… I don’t think I want to dance for the rest of the year,” Gutiérrez said with a laugh. “Enjoying the holidays with the kids and then we’ll see what adventures the new year brings us.”

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After she won Mira Quién Baila earlier this week, López was ecstatic. “I would scream again but I screamed earlier and I think there are others doing interviews right now so I can’t scream, but I am so happy and very excited,” she told AOL Latino. “I am very appreciative of the public of their votes.” A dizzying 2 million votes poured in for López; she was definitely one of our favorites!