WE tv Developing New Show About Telenovela Stars

WE tv Developing New Show About Telenovela Stars

Make room for the next Mari Mar — WE tv is making a home for telenovelas!

The network announced on Monday that it is developing a new unscripted series, set in Miami, which will follow a group of up-and-coming actresses and actors working in the telenovela scene.

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“The world of telenovelas has everything we look for in a WE tv show — compelling characters, conflict, consequence and comic relief,” WE tv president Marc Juris said in a statement.

“We could not be more excited about this project and bringing these beautiful women and their stories and highly charged relationships to WE tv viewers. I think we’ll find the lines on the scripts in these TV dramas sometimes pale in comparison to real life.”

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The series will focus on the real-life drama which occurs between this group of frenemies as they compete for roles, dates, the spotlight, and becoming the next breakthrough star.