We Talk to Roberto about Life and Love after 'The Bachelorette'

As Roberto and Ali finally start to live their "normal lives" as an engaged couple, we caught up with the Puerto Rican charmer to get his thoughts on finding "the one" on a television show and what love is like post-The Bachelorette.

What made you try out for the show?

I wasn’t ever really a fan of the show, but some co-workers approached me about it and they thought it would be a great idea. I didn’t really think anything of it, but then they contacted me and the rest is history.

What was it like to have to show your love for someone and compete on TV?

Well, I didn’t mind showing my love. I didn’t really think of it in TV terms, and I definitely didn’t think about it as competing for her. I just tried to keep it as normal to real life as possible. I focused on getting to know her to see if this was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and, obviously, it was.

It seemed like the whole “Latino” thing was played up on the show. Was that your idea or the producers?

I don’t know, I didn’t really notice because I think it was a representation of me. It was important as I got to know [Ali] to show her who I am. I love Salsa, I speak Spanish--that’s part of who I am.  Yo soy asi…

What’s it like to be an engaged man?

It’s great! Nothing better, except maybe when we get married.  She’s amazing, I feel so lucky and blessed.

What’s your favorite Latin food?

My parents are from Puerto Rico, so there are so many! Pasteles are good, arroz con gandules, pastelillos. I love them all!

Has Ali started learning to cook some of those dishes for you?

A little bit; pero todavia tiene que aprender.  Actually, on the hometown date there was a scene that was edited out; but we were in my parent’s house and I looked in the kitchen and Ali was making tostones with my mom and I was like, “This is awesome!”

So, I know there are no definite wedding plans yet, but I hear you have a big family, what kind of reception will you have?

Well, we might do the televised wedding to not spend money and invest in our future; but it’ll definitely be a big one, mi familia es grande.  There will be Salsa, Merengue, comida, all of it!