5 Ways Sofia Vergara Portrays a Stereotype on ‘Modern Family’

In yesterday’s interview with HuffPost Live, Sofia Vergara defended her often-criticized role of Gloria Pritchett on Modern Family. “I want to be like Gloria,” said the Colombian star. “I don’t see how anyone would think that Gloria is a bad stereotype.” Oh no? Let us show you the ways, Sofia. 

1. Sofia Stereotype 1

She Married An Older Man

Someone who looks like Gloria should end up with William Levy not Al Bundy. Alas, the Modern Family version of Bundy is wealthy. We ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger…you know the rest. 

2. Sofia Stereotype 2

She’s Loud

Not every single breathing Latina is LOUD. Gloria doesn’t have to be that over-the-top on an Emmy-winning sitcom on network TV for the world to think, these Latinas are freakin’ LOUD

3. Sofia Stereotype 3

She Talks With a Thick Accent

How thick you ask? Let’s put it this way, Dikembe Mutombo couldn’t understand Gloria. She’s always one sentence away from saying, “Si, senor!”

4. Sofia Stereotype 4

She’s a Hot Mamacita

Gloria is a sexpot. Sofia is a sexpot. How do sexpots dress? With her breasts runneth over. Perhaps, it’s her tight outfits that make her scream so much. 

5. Sofia Stereotype 5

She Started From The Bottom

Gloria’s beginnings in her home country always dig at the most common of Colombian stereotypes—drug dealing violence. Oh, and donkeys. You can’t forget the donkeys. Everything changed when she married was saved by an old white man.