5 Ways We All Related to America Ferrera in ‘Ugly Betty’

America Ferrera has portrayed some of our favorite characters on the screen — from Ana in Real Women Have Curves to Amy in Superstore — but none have charmed us quite like Betty Suarez in Ugly Betty.

Though the show has been off air for more than six years now, we still find ourselves relating to Ferrera's character on a daily basis.

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1. Ways Related America Ferrera Ugly Betty: Nerdy

1. We're all a little nerdy.

Despite our best efforts, it's hard to deny that there's a little bit of a nerd in all of us.

2. Ways We Related to America Ferrera in ‘Ugly Betty’

2. We have big dreams.

Suarez's over-the-top dreams were an inspiration to all fans. The young graduate's goal was to become a magazine publisher, which lands her a prestigious job at fashion magazine Mode.

3. Ways We Related to America Ferrera in ‘Ugly Betty’

3. Everyone deals with a crazy, kooky family.

Betty's family, like most Latino clans, are loud, crazy and all up in your business.  

4. Ways We Related to America Ferrera in ‘Ugly Betty’

4. We, too, have our fashion mishaps.

In early seasons, Betty's fashion choices are very questionable, but chances are we all have a photo or two of ourselves dressed in a pattern we wouldn't be caught dead in today!

5. Ways We Related to America Ferrera in ‘Ugly Betty’

5. We all (luckily) come out of that awkward stage.

Ugly Betty fans got the treat they were all waiting for at the end of the series when Betty got rid of her braces and came into her own as the gorgeous girl we always knew she was.