WATCH: Something's Afoot with Mike Catherwood on 'Dancing with the Stars'

On last night's premiere of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, radio personality Mike Catherwood (AKA "Psycho Mike") got off on the wrong foot  literally. 

The 32-year-old Catherwood, who is best known as the cohost of LoveLine with Dr. Drew, danced the fox trot with his partner, Lacey Schwimmer and won the lowest score of the night from the judges.

Of course, Catherwood has never claimed to be a gifted dancer. "When I came in here today i wondered if there was a talented dancer deep within me...the answer is no," the sexy Mexicano said during rehearsals. "I'm very scared. This is an embarrassing, embarrassing situation."

Although Mike doesn't have the dance skills to win the competition, we have a feeling he'll stick around for a few more weeks, not only because he's the best looking guy on the show (the ladies will vote for him!), but also because he's hilarious! "What I lack in ability to dance I make up for by being the least well known person on the cast, so, I'm in a good way," he joked.

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