WATCH: Shakira’s Accent Mocked on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Who caught Saturday Night Live this past weekend? If so, then you noticed Shakira’s accent was made fun of. In a spoof targeted at The Voice, actress/comedienne Kate McKinnon poked fun of the Colombian superstar, who as the world knows by now is a new judge on the show.

We did our best to write how McKinnon sounded in the skit – see the following quote: “Casey, I want to know… do you have the confidahhnce and competit… [incomprehensible] to win this competichong?” McKinnon’s wide-eyed Shakira character asked Melissa McCarthy, who played the show’s contestant.

“I don’t… I don’t know what you just said,” McCarthy responded. We get it. Shakira was not born in the US – but we don’t think she’s difficult to understand. We all speak English, right? And we all have different ways of pronouncing words.

It took a lot for the now 36-year-old Shakira to learn English, and we give her a lot of credit for her effort. In a 2002 interview with VH1, Shakira spoke about how she began learning English, and how important it was for her to understand the nature of the language and how it works in literature. Shakira said she had to Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass in English “to understand the language a little more.”

“It was too important to me to write my own material like I always did,” she added. “I didn’t want to sacrifice anything that was part of my life before as an artist in order to do.”

There’s no doubt how beloved Shakira has been in music, since before her crossover to the mainstream.

“I hope at some point I am just considered an artist and not an alien,” Shakira was quoted to have said about her being a crossover.

Well said, Shaki. If only Saturday Night Live would take note of that.

Watch the full spoof below: