WATCH: Selena Gomez: "It's My Dream to Put Out an Entire Album in Spanish"

Disney star Selena Gomez dropped by TBS' Lopez Tonight on Tuesday, to promote her hit show, Wizards of Waverly Place and her second album, A Year Without Rain. The beautiful 18-year-old told George Lopez why she decided to record her hit single, "A Year Without Rain," in Spanish.

"It's a song that obviously means a lot to me so I decided to record it in Spanish as well," Selena explained.

When Lopez asked her if it's a goal of hers to come out with a Spanish album, the singer said she'd love do it. "That would be my dream to put out an entire album in Spanish. I have Shakira's [Spanish] album and exactly what she did is my dream. I feel like it would make my family really proud."

After the interview, Gomez and her band The Scene performed her hit single, "A Year Without Rain." Halfway through the song, Selena surprised the audience by singing some of the lyrics in Spanish.

If you ask us, Selena's Spanish has gotten much better over time, but we're not surprised. Recently, the singer told us "I really need to learn Spanish," and said that she was going to invest in Rosetta Stone, "because I really need to learn my language."