WATCH: Scotty McCreery Uses his "Puerto Rican Blood" to Rock Out on 'American Idol!'

We're used to seeing crooner Scotty McCreery sing slow ballads that showcase his amazing deep voice, but on last night's American Idol, our favorite country singer tackled an uptempo song for Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame week: Elvis Presley's "That's Alright, Mama."

When Scotty was done grooving and shaking onstage, J.Lo asked: "Do you watch rap, or hip-hop, or anything like that? Because I feel a little bit of flavor in there!" Scotty credited his killer dance moves to his Latin roots: "It's the Puerto Rican blood!" he said. 

We think Scotty, who revealed his Puerto Rican roots to us exclusively last month, has a good shot at winning season 10 of American Idol — thanks to his Puerto Rican blood, of course! Check out the clip below!