WATCH: Promo Drops for Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony's New Reality Show 'Q'Viva: The Chosen'

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are always on the move, planning the next step in conquering the world, and they may have just stepped into a gold mine with their latest project. Back in April, we told you that Lopez and Anthony along with American Idol creator Simon Fuller (who will serve as the show's Executive Producer) would embark on "an epic three month long journey to create the ultimate live show celebrating Latin music, artistry and dance." And now, we have the first promos for the new show, called Q'Viva: The Chosen.

Lopez explains: “This is a show for the 21st century with an unprecedented global and local story. The Latin culture is a tapestry that is rich in passion, tradition and artistry. We are going to places where all of this talent lives and wouldn’t have otherwise been discovered. This journey for me and Marc is going be exciting and groundbreaking.” If it's anywhere near as exciting as the video below, we're all in! The show will premiere in 21 Latin American countries as well as the United States.