WATCH: Latina’s Deputy Editor Angie Romero on Univision’s ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ Semi-Final

Latina’s very own Deputy Editor Angie Romero was a guest on the semi-final episode of Univision’s Nuestra Belleza Latina last night. NBL is the network’s take on America’s Next Top Model, only slightly more pageant-y and super-Latinized. We love that the show’s “mean” judge Osmel Sousa can rock a blue, sequined jacket and still be respected and feared. We certainly wouldn’t mess with him!

Angie and five others, including actor Mark Thatcher from the hit telenovela Triunfo del Amor, host Carlos Alvarez of Univision Radio, Rodner Figueroa of Sal y Pimienta, journalist Sarah Moreno of El Nuevo Herald, and Luis Alfonso Borrego of TV y Novelas, challenged the remaining six contestants with tough, interview-style questions. As in past challenges, some of the girls came out on top while others flopped—we’re talking to you, Jenny Arzola. The stunning Cuban answered her question so quickly that we have no idea what she said—and the judges definitely called her on it. Angie got to ask Colombian Nicole Suarez, who is currently studying communications, what she would tell people who say that her participation in beauty pageants makes her lose credibility as an aspiring journalist. “I would tell them that it’s actually quite the opposite,” said the poised colombiana. “These things actually help you grow as a person. They teach you many things, like how to be more confident, and how to speak in public, as I’m doing right now. So I would say it’s a positive thing.”

As wonderful as Nicole did (she scored a 29, the highest out of all the contestants in this particular challenge), we're also rooting for Nastassja Bolivar, a Miami-born beauty of Nicaraguan and Colombian descent who, like Nicole, is actively trying to master her Spanish. But even as they struggle a bit with the language, these two are as Latina as they come, and they know how to connect with the audience.

We were sorry to see Miriam Hernandez go, since the Texican beauty does have a compelling story. “I really didn’t want to leave,” she told reporters backstage, in between hysterical sobbing. Miriam said earlier in the competition that she wanted to win the grand prize of $250,000 so she can bring back her mom, who was deported to Mexico years ago.

In the end, only the strong survive, and we can’t wait to see who takes the crown next week during the finale! It’s down to four candidates (Nastassja Bolivar, Nicole Suarez, Puerto Rican Gredmarie Colon, and Jenny Arzola). Who knows? Maybe you'll see the winner in the pages of Latina one day!

Check out the video below of Angie asking Nicole the question as part of last night’s challenge.