WATCH: J.Lo's Sound System Shatters Inside of House In New Commercial

Jennifer Lopez’s sound can shake up a house – literally!

Well, it’s actually more like Boricua singer/actress’ audio/video home entertainment system. The 42-year-old superstar appears in a new ad for Harman Kardon’s latest campaign, titled Beautiful Sound.

In the video, a svelte and glamorous-looking Lopez places her system neatly under an old television set and, when she looks back, presses the remote control to turn it on. An earthquake-effect ensues, shaking the entire house, it’s interior shed of it’s old rustic look to reveal a whiter, sleek interior design. 

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“You can compliment a beautiful space,” Lopez says in the ad, “or simply create one.” In a press release issued by the company, President and CEO of HARMAN Dinesh C. Paliwal said it found a perfect fit in J.Lo to be a global ambassador for the company. “She personifies beauty, elegance, and style, and consistently delivers outstanding musical performances,” Paliwal said. “The Harman Kardon name is synonymous with incredible sound and attractive design, and we are delighted that Ms. Lopez will help us share that message.”

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Check out J.Lo’s new commercial below and tell us what you think!