WATCH: George Lopez Brings Big Laughs to 'Conan'

George Lopez was a guest on TBS' late-night talk show, Conan last night, and the funny man had the audience splitting their sides. 

Lopez, who scaled back his own show, Lopez Tonight by an hour to welcome Conan O'Brien to TBS, asked Conan how he's enjoying basic cable. "I like it. We're having a good time here," replied O'Brien, who said that he and George make a good team.

George agreed, but told Conan that together, they've got some pretty tough competition. "We are a formidable team that will take late night into the future, but you and I combined are still losing to something more powerful," said Lopez. "Univision!" he joked.

Lopez added that he's come up with a way for him and Conan to compete with other shows in their time slot, like A & E's Intervention." I wantt them to know that they’re going down, even if he and I have to become heroin addicts," joked Lopez. Conan agreed: "We will do what it takes."

We love it every time Team Coco Loco gets together!