WATCH: Eva Longoria Wants Babies, Almost Has A Wardrobe Malfunction on Letterman

Eva Longoria has been looking amazing lately and seems to have completely moved on from her public divorce from San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker. She's even been spotted around town smooching Penelope Cruz's brother Eduardo Cruz! But that doesn't mean that Eva doesn't think about how her divorce has effected her. Today on Rachel Ray, she admitted, "I'm really domestic, so I had a really strong identity in being a wife." But continued to say, "Finding myself again outside of somebody else has been not even challenging – it's been fun. It's been like, here we go!"

Eva also talked about her desire to have a family, "[I want to] have kids and be a mom," she mused, but she refused to talk about her new beau. Speaking of Eduardo, we wonder how he felt about his girlfriend's recent appearance on David Letterman's Late Night show. The notoriously dirty old man found it difficult to stay on the topic of cilantro as Eva's pitched her new cookbook Eva's Kitchen and we can't blame him. Longoria was showing off all of her assets in a navy blue tuxedo jacket and matching micro shorts and at one point almost flashed Letterman!

Watch the interview below: