WATCH: Aubrey Plaza Makes Everyone Feel Awkward on 'The Tonight Show'

Aubrey Plaza paid a visit to Jay Leno last night on The Tonight Show and after showing off a mean set of stems (even Ashton Kutcher coudn't help but take a peek) she managed to make everyone feel super awkward, which is, after all, her forte! Plaza excels at rambling, stream-of-conscience type comedy with a heavy dose of sarcasm and last night she was not interested in making Leno's life any easier.

The Parks and Recreation actress will be back on the small screen tomorrow, January 20th for the premiere of the third season of the sleeper-hit comedy—it may have taken an entire season, but the writers and cast behind Parks have finally hit their stride and we're looking forward to it.

Check out the interview and a sneak peek of Parks and Recreation below: