Was Paz de la Huerta Fired Off ‘Boardwalk Empire?’

Paz de la Huerta who played Lucy Danzinger on HBO’s wildly popular Boardwalk Empire will not be returning for a third season according to TVLine.com. The last fans saw of De la Huerta’s character she left her new baby in the care of the baby’s father Van Alden (Michael Shannon) to get formula and cigarettes. She never returned and apparently she never will.

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This actress of Spanish descent is not the only Boardwalk Empire star being given the axe as the show makes its transition to season 3. Original cast favorites including Michael Pitt, Dabney Coleman and Aleksa Palladino were all killed off in the finale’s final moments leaving fans wondering what’s next.

The hole left by the four stars will leave room for HBO to introduce several new characters including Bobby Cannavale who has already signed on to play a rival of Nucky (Steve Buscemi).

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