'The Voice's' Mary Miranda Talks Selena, Shakira & Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s Cuban Trip

The battle rounds start tonight. What can we expect from you?

Everybody on The Voice has amazing voices. But everyone also has a unique voice. I think my voice is unique—the tone, style, the fact that I can sing in Spanish.

I’m sure you heard about Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s trip to Cuba. If you had the chance to take Jay-Z and Beyoncé around Cuba, where would you take them?

I would take them to Varadero Beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, maybe too beautiful for the human eye! Tourism there is really taking off too! I would also take them to La Havana, Santiago de Cuba, and Pinar del Río—Cuba has many beautiful places!

One last thing—how excited is your father about you being on the show? How often are you able to talk to him?

I talked to him two days ago, and he was so excited. My little sisters in Spain can’t stop watching my video online. All of his friends are going crazy too. He’s really proud of me, I can tell by the way he talks to me—he can’t stop complimenting me! It feels wonderful.

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