'The Voice's' Mary Miranda Talks Selena, Shakira & Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s Cuban Trip

Why did you choose to sing Selena’s “Como la Flor” for your audition?

I chose to sing a Selena song because I’ve been listening to her music since I was a little girl in Cuba. Watching her [bio-pic] always makes cry because she was such an inspiration. I was always listening to that song and I was like, “I am a Latina, and I think I should represent what I am. I love Selena, so I’m going to pick one of her songs and I’m going to go for it!” I am who I am—nobody is going to change that. And I can’t fake who I am.

I know you said you’re a big fan of Selena, but knowing that Shakira is on the show, why didn’t you go with a Shakira song?

Because I just wanted to go for it! I wanted to go with Selena, and I thought Shakira would also want me to go with it. I had my hopes up. I also just love that song. I thought it was perfect for me to do.

Have you had a chance to learn from Shakira yet?

Shakira is really sweet! She’s a very supportive and wonderful coach. Besides being an amazing coach, artist, performer, and singer, she’s very charismatic, and she always cares for everybody. When I’m on stage, she tells me to let loose, smile and be confident—live the music.

How has it been on the show overall? What’s it like being on national television?

Being on The Voice has been absolutely amazing. It’s like living the American Dream. I’ve always had big dreams, but I never thought I would make it this far. This is something so big, I still can’t believe it! I thank God everyday for this experience. This is like heaven. I just had a little taste and it feels so wonderful—I want more.