Voice Coach Says Jeff Archuleta is No Stage Dad

At this point, little David Archuleta of American Idol has become as well-known for his voice as for the alleged antics of "stage dad," Jeff Archuleta.

After comments made by Naomi Judd about David's time on Star Search, and Simon Cowell himself expressing concern that David was not choosing his own songs, fans have begun to worry that his overbearing dad might put a dent in David's Idol takeover.

But, OK! magazine reports that according to David's voice coach of six years, Dean Kaelin, Papa Archuleta never uses "any kind of force or coercion." Although he admits that Archuleta provides his son with a list of songs to choose from and "coaches" him on interpretation.

Kaelin also claims that David is at a disadvantage because he is a minor and must attend three hours of school a day, so to compensate, Jeff screens songs for his son. All in all, Kaelin paints Jeff more as a supportive father than an evil ogre.

We sure hope the latter is true, the last thing America needs is another teen idol driven to madness by an overbearing parent.