VIDEO: Will Smith Speaks a Little Espanish

We've been wondering just how well Will Smith speaks Spanish, and now there's TV footage with our answer. The star dropped by Spain's El Hormiguero talk show to promote Seven Pounds, his recently released film featuring a love scene with co-star Rosario Dawson, and he got to brush up on his linguistic prowess...that is, until things got a little weird. 


VIDEO: Will Smith on Spain's El Hormiguero

When the show's host asks Will to recall how he felt the day Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, the actor gives a surprisingly well-spoken response en español, then totally loses his flow and dissolves into confusion. "Necesito más palabras!" he exclaims.

But the real gems come at the 2-minute mark, where nothing is taking place that even half-resembles an interview. Will beatboxes alongside the host as he plays "El Torito Bravo" on flamenco guitar (the beatboxing skill level is "Dirty Pop"-era Justin Timberlake, sadly) and at 5:30, where the host introduces two hip-hop puppets (don't ask) who translate the lyrics to the theme song for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air--or as they call it, El Príncipe del Bel Air--into Spanish. Priceless!