VIDEO: The Tonight Show Brings Back "Noches de Pasión con Conando"

Last night, Conan O’Brien treated the The Tonight Show crowd to one of the most popular and hilarious skits from his Late Show days. In winking acknowledgment of the huge Latino population of Los Angeles where he now films, Conan blessed the audience with another installment of Noches de Pasión con Conando.

In last night’s bit, Conan's telenovela alter ego "Conando" graces the screen, complete with a red mustache and a commendable control of Español. “Yo soy Conando!” he exclaims, and quickly vanquishes his enemies in true telenovela fashion.

Some might dismiss the skit as stereotypical, but we think Conando’s turn on The Tonight Show is a hilarious riff on our beloved, but totally corny and over-the-top novelas. Check out the skit below and tell us: Do you think it’s hilarious or are you offended?